Billy Bridge

Full name: Billy Bridge
Playing points : 3 pointer

How did you get into Wheelchair Basketball ?
I got involved in wheelchair basketball when my Mother wanted to get me more active and out doing something. She got in contact with Anna Jackson who pointed us in the right direction which was towards the former Celtic Warriors club where Anna her self played.

I played at Celtic Warriors for 3 years, It was a great club for me and I made a lot of friends there. But at the age of 15 I felt it was right for me to move on and take my talent to Vikings basketball club where many of my younger friends played. At the Vikings I had many successful years under my coach and mentor Sue Conroy.

I really developed as a player in the years I was the summer running up to the the 2013-2014 season I was made an offer to go play in the Spanish league with my very good friend Dan Highcock. In this time I learned a lot about what it takes to play in a high level team and league, I also learned a lot from Dan who is one of the worlds best players in his position.

At the end of the season Dan and myself were both offered the opportunity to go a play for Oettinger RSB Team Thuringen who are a very good German team. We both accepted the offer and I have just moved to Germany and although I have only been here a week I am loving my time here and think the club suits me perfectly for my development!

Anna Jackson

Full Name – Anna Jackson
Hometown – Ruthin, North Wales
Points – 4.5
Coaching Awards – Grade 2 Wheelchair Basketball Coach

How did you start playing Wheelchair Basketball ?
In school I was a member of the Hockey, Netball and Tennis teams and loved my sport. I used to play every sport possible and also help out in the PE Dept teaching other pupils.

I played Hockey for Buckley Ladies and Tennis for Ruthin before moving to Chester to go to University – I was a member of the University Hockey team and coached but then in 1995 I had to retire from Hockey due to severe knee problems which had eventually stopped me playing ‘running’ sports. I had a couple of years without sport and then in 1997 I discovered Wheelchair Basketball, my first team was the Chester Rockets, they then changed name to Chester Jets and moved into North Wales becoming Celtic Warriors.

After playing Wheelchair Basketball for just over 6 months in Chester I was invited to attend trials for the Great Britain Women’s Wheelchair Basketball team in March 1998 and was selected to join the Squad.
My first experience of playing for the Great Britain Team was at the World Championships in Sydney 1998. I will never forget the amazing feeling of pulling on a GB vest for the first time – I was so proud and nervous all at the same time!!

Mark (Fossy) Fosbrook

Full Name – Mark (Fossy) Fosbrook
Home town – Oswestry
Points – 1 pointer
Coaching Qualification – Grade 2 Wheelchair Basketball Coach

How did you get into the game ?
I first came to wheelchair basketball aged 12 after looking for a sport I could play without wearing my prostheses which were causing me knee trouble. Mydad found out about his local club, the Havant Hedgehogs (now Hampshire Harriers), and I competed for them until I was 16.

I then focused my talents on standing volleyball, going on to represent Paralympics GB at the Atlanta 1996 Paralympic Games, and Wheelchair Rugby – competing for Great Britain at the World Championships in both 2003 and 2006. In addition, I hold the British Indoor Rowing Record for Trunk and Arms. I was then the Team Manager for Wheelchair Rugby at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games. I have also held two national records for breaststroke, represented Portsmouth for Hockey and Havant for athletics, not to mention being qualified to coach a range of sports.

More recently I was part of the GB Men’s team for the Wheelchair Basketball World Championships in Korea this year.

I currently play for Shropshire Warriors and am, a Grade 2 Wheelchair Basketball coach as well as being a player.