Fi Tillman - 1st Div Player 

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46 and a little bit






Incomplete SCI, Moderate TBI and a Rare form of Non Hodgkins Lymphoma


What is your role at the club?

Senior Player


Why do you like wheelchair basketball? And why did you start playing the sport?

It provided me with a place to compete and once again regain my purpose after having been involved in a road traffic accident (which wasn't my fault) that left me with 'catastrophic injuries'.


Why did you decide to join Cheshire Phoenix Wheelchair basketball club/ Angels?

So that I can play alongside the incredible women whom I have the immense privilege to call my friends. The women who share like-minded goals and believe in values such as the empowerment of all of those who play our sport, the elevation of our game, the encouragement of those just beginning their journey and the joint pursuit of excellence which allows us to endeavour to transform our dreams into reality.

Do you have a favourite wheelchair basketball player? If so, who and why?

All those women that paved the way before us, so that we could have the privilege of playing in a National Women's League today...

Do you have a future goal for the sport such as going Elite, becoming a coach etc...?

To challenge generalized perceptions about age and various combinations of disability/ rare incurable illness's and prove, without hesitation, question or doubt that it is still possible to overcome any challenge in your path and still be Elite.

It is a mindset that can conquer and overcome any physical challenge put in it's path if faced and dealt with in the appropriate manner, with a systematic unrelenting positive and scientifically/ medically informed approach. I believe that what others deem impossible is wholly possible...

What hobbies do you have?

Training, training, training... oh... and did I forget to mention training.... and also mentoring young athletes.

Do you go to college or university and if so, what do you or did you study?

Physical Education and English

​Do you have any cool qualifications in anything?

BA (Hons) with QTS Physical Education with English Numerous Safeguarding Qualifications (worked as a teacher for 10 years, specializing in working alongside pupils with severe EBSD)

Numerous Coaching Qualifications in a variety of weird and wonderful sports.

Tell me one fact about yourself

Winner of the The No Hands Ice Cream Eating Champion of Champions Contest 1990

Let's have some fun

Favourite type of music?

Eclectic... depends of the mood... always appreciative of thoughtful lyrics and associated feel god vibes.

If you were going to name your basketball, what would you call it and why?



Quick fire questions
Which one is your favourite?

Tea     or ✓ Coffee

Sweet ✓  or   Savoury

Coke    or Diet Coke

Summer ✓or Winter

What is your dream job?

The one i had before my accident... the one i can now never return to because of my disability...


What is your favourite colour?



What is your favourite film?

I can't choose one... stories/plot lines that focus on justice, equality and that promote values of empowerment kindness, empathy and consideration.


If you could meet and play with any basketball player in the world, who would it be and why?

Kobe.... because he believed in and actively promoted the proactive value and positive power of basketball for all...