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Joe Lewis - Senior Player 









Cerebral palsy


What is your role at the club?

Senior Player


Why do you like wheelchair basketball? And why did you start playing the sport?

I’ve always loved watching (and attempting to play) the running game growing up and discovered my love of the wheelchair game during the London 2012 Paralympics. It inspired me to start trying sports again, as I’d always felt excluded when playing mainstream sports and wheelchair basketball gave me a positive experience of physical exercise and made me feel competent and able to achieve.


Why did you decide to join Cheshire Phoenix Wheelchair basketball club/ Angels?

I initially visited the club as it was my most local option to try a wheelchair sport and from my first training session I was hooked. I knew straight from the off that the club provided the right kind of support and opportunities for me to develop. The friendly vibes combined with great coaches meant I was in for the long haul.


Do you have a favourite wheelchair basketball player? If so, who and why?

Patrick Anderson, for the impact he has had on my experience watching the sport. Seeing someone playing with such ability drives me to get better.


Do you have a future goal for the sport such as going Elite, becoming a coach etc...?

I’d just love to be the best player I can be. if that means I can one day play in a higher division I’d love that!


What hobbies do you have?

Singing, (Joe is an incredible singer)



Playing basketball, 

And being hilarious!! (I suppose he is funny to ;)


Do you go to college or university and if so, what do you or did you study?

Glyndwr University Wrexham BA with honours in youth and community work


Tell me one fact about yourself

I’m a ray of sunshine

Let's have some fun

What is your Dream meal comprising a starter, a main and a dessert?

Starter: anything with bread 

Main: anything with mushy peas 

Desert: anything with ice cream All large portions obviously!


Favourite type of music?

I love most genres but some favourites include: songs from the musicals, jazz (including swing) and rock ‘n‘ roll


If you were going to name your basketball, what would you call it and why?

Tigger (cos tigger likes to bounce) ... or I’d just call it something like Dave or Brain! (I think he means Brian)


Quick fire questions
Which one is your favourite?

Tea  ✓   or  Coffee

Sweet  or ✓  Savoury

Coke    or ✓ Diet Coke

Summer or✓ Winter

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