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Full Name
Kathleen Anita “Anni” Berisford


Home town
I’m originally from Stockport but I live in Winsford now

I’m currently a full time carer for my daughter

How did you get into the sport?
I had always maintained that the only thing I could ever catch was a cold and that sport was really not my thing. My daughter was every bit as non-sporty as me right up until the moment we took her to a paralympic flame event where she got hooked on wheelchair basketball. We found a club that she could join in Stoke and I sort of got sucked in having discovered that actually, if I’m sat down, I can throw and catch fairly reliably. I now train with Pol at Stoke Spitfires and play for their women’s team as well as training with Phoenix.

What are your ambitions in Wheelchair Basketball?
Not sure I have any really! I play because I enjoy the game and it’s a (relatively) safe sport for me to do as it doesn’t put my wonky joints at as much risk as able bodied sports do.

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