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Niyaz - Junior Player


Age: 16

Classification: 3.5

Disability: Spina bifida, hydrocephalus

Do you train with another team?

Junior vikings, div 4

What is your role at the club?

Player and Junior

Why do you like wheelchair basketball? And why did you start playing the sport?

Enjoy playing, and with spina bifida, it is an inclusive sport I am able to play. I like the movement and quick pace.

Why did you decide to join Cheshire Phoenix Wheelchair basketball club?

Local club 

Do you have a future goal for the sport such as going Elite, becoming a coach etc...?

To become a coach

What hobbies do you have?

Piano Crossword, riddles, etc.




Table tennis

Music (listening)

Target sports (archery, boccia, pool)

Do you go to college or university and if so what do you study?

Sixth form, wirral grammar. Studying physics, chemistry and further mathematics.

Do you have any cool qualifications in anything you want to share?

Highest grade in GCSE physics.

Tell me one fact about yourself

I am Loquacious (I talk a lot) 

Do you play with a sibling or parent at the club?



What is your dream job?

Engineer or theoretical scientist


What is your favourite colour?



What is your favourite film?

Greatest showman, when Marnie was there.


What is your dream holiday and why?

Turkey or/and America

What is your favourite type of music?

Rock and Indie 

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