Samantha Wilson - 2nd Div Player 

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Cerebral palsy


Do you train with another team?

I play for Angels Of The North div 2 and Eastern Blue stars div 3 Women’s league.

I also play for Vikings div 3 National league and CWSC Panthers and Vikings in the “RGK UKWB league”


What is your role at the club?

Senior Player


Why do you like wheelchair basketball? And why did you start playing the sport?

I love wheelchair basketball, I started playing when I was 13 as my local team came to my school for a PE session I was then told to go along to their training session on the Saturday I loved it and was told I could go far if I signed.


Why did you decide to join Cheshire Phoenix Wheelchair basketball club/ Angels?

I have been a part of Angels since starting wheelchair basketball (women’s league)


Do you have a favourite wheelchair basketball player? If so, who and why?

Terry Bywater for the Men and either Leah Evans or Joy for the women I love the way all 3 of these players play and their style they are also very nice and helpful to younger players.


Do you have a future goal for the sport such as going Elite, becoming a coach etc...?

I would love to play professionally.