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Zakkery Morgan


Let's have some fun

What is your Dream meal comprising a starter, a main and a dessert?

Favourite type of music?

If you were going to name your basketball, what would you call it and why?


Quick fire questions
Which one is your favourite?

✓Tea.   or  Coffee

✓Sweet   or   Savoury

✓Coke  or Diet Coke

✓Summer or Winter




Do you train with another team?

What is your role at the club?

Why do you like wheelchair basketball? And why did you start playing the sport?

Why did you decide to join Cheshire Phoenix Wheelchair basketball club?

Do you have a favourite wheelchair basketball player? If so, who and why?

Do you have a future goal for the sport such as going Elite, becoming a coach etc...?

What hobbies do you have?

Tell me one fact about yourself

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